Tatari Faran Grammar


Adjectives follow the nouns they modify, preceding the case clitic attached to the noun. This position is called the adjectival position of a given noun phrase. For example:

san kirat - a tall, swift man

san jini - a tall and thin woman

san kirat sa duum imim. - The tall and swift man is sleeping.

Intensified Adjectives

An adjective may be intensified by reduplication. For example:

buara baasa - a large volcano

buara basa-baasa - a very large volcano

The reduplicated stem is prefixed to the base adjective, and has any long vowels or glides in its last syllable reduced to a corresponding short vowel, and the final consonant, if present, is dropped:

esei → ese-esei
long; very long

tsat → tsa-tsat
fast; very fast

airis → airi-airis
young; very young

tihai → tiha-tihai
old; very old

The reduplicated stem is unstressed; the accent remains on the base adjective:





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