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The Interlinear-to-LaTeX conversion script ( is a little Perl script that helps you create nicely-formatted interlinears. As we all know, interlinears are one of the best ways of showing off your conlang (especially on the CONLANG mailing list). The only trouble is, they are quite complex to create in LaTeX. Well, this need not be so any longer! With this handy utility, all you need is to enter an ASCII visually-formatted interlinear, and the script will turn it into LaTeX commands that will produce a beautiful interlinear for you.

System Requirements

This utility works on every platform that supports Perl 5 and above, and also LaTeX (if you actually want to see what the output looks like). There are no other requirements.


The LaTeX Interlinear tool is Free Software, licensed under the terms of the General Public License (GPL) (Version 2 or above) published by the Free Software Foundation.


The latest version is 1.14.


The documentation is included in the download.

Sample Output

Here are some samples of Ebisédian interlinears produced using this tool. These samples are taken from the Ebisédian entries in previous CONLANG relays. I've tried to demonstrate a few different ways that you can use the INTERTEMPLATE commands to format the output differently. You will notice that some of the sample output files look quite different from each other.

  1. Sample #1: [Source] [PDF] [PS]
  2. Sample #2: [Source] [PDF] [PS]
  3. Sample #3: [Source] [PDF] [PS]
  4. Sample #4: [Source] [PDF] [PS]
  5. Sample #5: [Source] [PDF] [PS]

Note: the \ortho{ ... } commands and the \begin{ortho} ... \end{ortho} environments in the source files are a special tag used by my Ebisédian orthography-to-LaTeX generator. You won't be able to actually compile the files with LaTeX unless you have genlatex installed. But for the purposes of these samples, you could just think of these commands as “magical” commands that transform Ebisédian ASCII orthography into the nice symbols you see in the sample output files.

Last updated 06 Feb 2018.

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