Ebisédian LaTeX orthography tools


These are the tools I developed to work more efficiently with Ebisédian. Although they will probably only be useful to me, a lot of the design and motivation behind them can probably help other conlangers in managing their own projects. Hence, I have decided to publish them.

System Requirements

Although Cons is optional, it is highly recommended since otherwise you may not be able to figure out how to compile any of the programs. (Many source files are auto-generated from templates using Perl scripts, which must be run in a particular order on specific files.)


This suite of tools is distributed under the terms of the General Public License (GPL) (Version 2 or above), published by the Free Software Foundation.


Download: ortho.tar.gz

This package includes some actual source files for the Ebisédian lexicon, as well as the infamous Ebisédian relay entry in the CONLANG relay of 2000 (which drove home the point that there were no such things as stars in the Ferochromon, thereby causing much grief and turmoil in the relay thereafter).

Last updated 06 Feb 2018.

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